Pretty Shy For An Old Guy


I’m in my 30s somewhere and I can count the number of women I’ve hit on with a single finger, even then it was simply to walk up to her, compliment her, and then turn around to run away before I could be in any way shape or form dissapointed in her reaction or words in reply.

How Do Shy Geeks Pickup?

Well if I knew that, I might not be in the situation I’m in currently and I wouldn’t have to ask that question now would I? 🙂  Baby steps I suppose. Today after another 16hr Friday work day and on the way home, someone walked onto the train and stopped my heart. I couldn’t really see much as its cold here now where I live and she was rugged up pretty good, but I did manage to catch a good look at her face as she walked by and that was plenty enough.

She had a black skirt on and was quite pre-occupied with her phone, so what is a shy geek to do? I configured the personal hotspot on my phone to broadcast out a message to her lol. Sure, chances are nobody would ever notice something like that but I know some annoying phones pop up messages when new wireless networks come in range.  Thought I’d give it a try as it is totally safe, she wouldnt know it was me and might think it was cute if she noticed it.

Pretty sure she didn’t though!




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