Running Down A Dream



Change is hard, at least for myself. I’ve got such a shallow pool of self-esteem which has persisted to haunt me from my childhood, I’ve led myself to believe there is nothing I can do to improve and thus I haven’t in the past seen the value of attempting change. That is coming to an end! It is going to take a very conscious effort and some time to get this done, but, I think I can.


The cold hard truth; nobody is going to look at me and think I look after myself or am attractive in any way. Well I don’t and I’m not! I have doubts that I could ever be attractive, but I’ll give looking after myself a chance.

Turns out, I’ve had an issue for some time now with a part of me which was removed in April this year. I just thought it was one more bad thing to stack on the pile, but as it turns out having that removed and allowing my body to normalise after that has made a pretty big change already. My health and how I feel has already taken a huge turn for the better.

I am not stopping there. I’m going to the markets tomorrow and starting then I’m a vegan. Maybe not even that, I don’t know a lot about this stuff yet! All of my food will be in vegetable form for the forseeable future and I will introduce vegan items later on, for now I’ll stick with the basics. That is right, I’m buckling my seat belt and preparing for the kale shakes!

Get Off My Ass

My profession is terrible for this, I’m sitting all day long and it is no good. Now that I’ve recovered a bit I’ve just sold my car and I’m now taking public transport, if you know Sydney you’ll know how hopeless that is here and due to that I’m now at least walking four kilometres a day.

I will also be hiring a personal trainer in order to get me into the right way of doing things because of course I have no clue on how to exercise. I also aim to find a personal trainer who is also a very attractive woman, I know that sounds pretty silly but I really don’t know how to handle myself around that kind of person. Maybe it will help, can’t hurt.


I need a talent. Preferably one which helps me with the opposite sex and makes me a more interesting person, so I’ve gone with a musical instrument I’ve had in mind for years and bought one. Just need a bit more time between everything I’m doing to get some good help with it, then maybe some singing to go along with that.

So that is my list for the moment, eat super healthy, find a hot trainer, learn how to play the instrument! A few months ago I would have thought this impossible, but now I don’t think so!


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