Men’s Fashion – Clearly A Joke?


Hello Ladies! Fancy Men Dressed Like Grown Toddlers?

So it has been about a week since my last post here. Guess I needed a bit of time off to re-evaluate some of my issues, I think it is just a time thing. I’ve not yet been well enough to really get into a full time fitness routine so I’m still a chubby little bastard, so I’ve still not been able to build any self respect, so I am attaching that to my inability or unwillingness to meet anyone.

To Be, Or Not To Be?

It is reasonable for me to expect that some people out there that may read this, take fashion a bit more seriously than I do. I am the first person to admit that I can’t really dress myself well, and I do want to work on that. That said I’ll apologize first because I’ll offend you with my unfashionable ways and mindset I am sure 🙂

So firstly, I look towards the internet. It is easy, I dont need to pay anyone, and I can do it any time and any place. But the things which come out of the search results scare the fracking crap out of me. I will post in a few pictures, like the one above, from some of the more popular places which tell men how to dress now days. Needless to say, I do not agree, and I don’t know what these people are thinking!

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Don’t Forget The Socks

This has me pretty confused, myself when I walk down the street and see dudes dressed like this I do think to myself that it is a bit, juvenile, I think the best term might be. I wouldn’t even consider myself that old being in my 30s. Maybe I am wrong.

Or maybe this is just the fashionista’s running away with and taking over fashion advice on the internet! I couldn’t dress like this and not look in the mirror and laugh at myself! Not only that, but being a big broad man type body which is admittedly not well looked after at the moment, none of this would look right on me at all to put it mildly.

Would love to know what I’m suppose to be doing and where I’m suppose to be shopping once I lose a bit of weight. Feeling good and thinking I look good would go a long ways to curbing some of my issues and get me out to meet new people! But do I really have to dress like that!

Why not like this guy here!:



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