First Friend Zone “Date” – The Results



I finally went through with something, surprise surprise! I took the South American out for her birthday to some place she had wanted to go for a long time and hadn’t yet been. She was happy to have the chance to go! It is the first time I have been out one on one with a girl in years.

She was quite interesting, intelligent, beautiful, and much to my surprise very nervous! Possibly even more so than I was which was pretty odd for me to experience. We had dinner, talked about the usual and I think had a great time. I fought the urge to let my eyes wander all over her, it was eye contact only, though I will admit it was pretty hard because I’ve not really had the chance to sit across the table from someone so attractive before!

On the way back to our transport, I handed her the gift I had for her and a birthday card and said it is for only after we part ways. Didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable with the gift card, I got her one of those because she will be taking a trip soon and figured it could be put to good use for just about anything she might need.

She texted me back thanking me for it and the dinner, that she had a lot of fun and was thrilled to finally meet me. After a bit of back and forth she said that I had really nice hands, I had admitted I was too chicken to check her out myself but kind of wished I had if she did me! She replied with the fact that she had tried not to, but if I was any more attractive she might not have been able to maintain her self control…

What? Lol. My brain went straight past flattery, enjoyment, and anything nice straight to; must be a lie. I have so much trouble believing anyone saying something like that around me, let alone someone so attractive. That and I thought for sure this was Friend Zone, so was pretty surprised. I think I would have preferred not to knowing something like that to be honest. So yeah… I’ve got mixed feelings about the whole thing now!


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  1. #1 by simplysurrealblog on September 29, 2014 - 1:50 am

    😀 So glad you and her had fun! you’re so thoughtful to think of her!


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