WTF Week In Review



So Damn Tired

Hey, you want to hear a really interesting story about myself? So would I! haha. I don’t imagine I’ll need to do very many of these run down’s on my weekly activities, unless suddenly I get interesting. But I’m a tired insomniac, and had an out of the ordinary week.

Firstly was the first Friend Zone date with the South American. It was fine, I accepted she was interested in being friends, I walked and talked just like a friend, but then she said something after the date over text which leads me to believe she could be interested in more. What to do about that… I dont know.

Next up, My Queen sent me a twitter direct message this week asking why I’ve gone silent and that I should get back in touch with her. So I was honest, I said I couldn’t bring myself to subject her to a public viewing when I am kind of under the weather, in between clothes where nothing fits right trying to get fit, and just in general I’m a pussy lol. She said she didn’t care, take her to lunch sometime next week. I apologized for making decisions for her. I haven’t responded yet due to what happened thirdly…

Had to visit the emergency room yet again this week. It involved fire, and my face, and as usual a good amount of that bad luck which follows me around. No perm damage, all will heal.

Lastly, I was exiting an elevator at work this week and I came across the Receptionist whom was waiting to get in on the ground floor. She was in conversation with a guy that I also believes works there, and waved to me first on her way into the lift as she passed still talking to the other guy. I waved back. In everything that happened this week, that was my high point. Christ, am I easily impressed by nothing at all, or what?

Anyway, I’m at work in 4 hours. Good night internets.


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  1. #1 by simplysurrealblog on September 29, 2014 - 1:35 am

    Omg, your face got burned? How??? Glad there’s no permanent damage!


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