Still Here!



Well I don’t think I should say sorry, I don’t think I’m doing anything overly innovative here on this blog! But, I’m still around. Have been a bit down because I’ve got some bad news from the Drs on my post operation pain issues and the diagnosis might be chronic. From such a simple keyhole procedure none the less.

I won’t be taking that shit laying down though, I’ve actually been lucky enough to get myself into a University medical course about pain and pain management. Seems that the MD courses I started when I was younger came in handy to get me in the door for this, so I’ll teach myself a bit about it while I visit a few more specialized doctors on my issues.

Continuing my raw diet, I am down to one diet coke a day, and I am at my lowest weight since 2004 which is cool. I am still a chubby little bastard though, I’ve never really been decent looking, so still dateless with no prospects what so ever in the near though which is not cool haha.


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