An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

Race the Clock

So this is a daily prompt, something WordPress does that I thought I might try. They tell you what to do, in this case it was; use this subject line, write only ten minutes about that one time where someone gave you an offer you couldn’t refuse. Seems a little click-baity but I suppose that is the point!

Well I’ve never had an offer I couldn’t refuse. It is confusing too, as an offer you can’t refuse can be widely defined between individuals. I’ve never had a perspective employer approach me and say “I want you to have this easy job and you are going to get paid too much to do it”. I’ve never had a gorgeous woman walk up to me and say anything other than “Which platform do I go to for this train?” let alone, “Hey you are cute, would you like to go get a coffee.” Since I am boring and don’t take many risks, I have certainly never had a member of organized, or un-organized, crime indicate that “If you don’t pay up, we’re going to cut your balls off”.

Right, well I have had to pretty much fight for and win what I have. Nobody has ever come up to me and given me an offer I couldn’t refuse for the better or for the worse, from my definition of an offer I couldn’t refuse!


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