Getting To Know The Webcam Model – Not On The Webcam


I have been talking with my over-seas Webcam Model friend now for quite some time. Until about Christmas it had been only on her channel, in which only chat happens and no funny business. I am not exactly sure of the system in place where she works, I don’t ask as it isn’t really my place.

I sent her “mail” on the site just before Christmas wishing her a good one and great New Year and I said I wished I could have sent you a card instead of a mail! Well unexpectedly she replied with her E-Mail address and we had been E-Mailing back and forth since. Just typical chatter, keeping up, the place she works for has moved her shift to my day time so I very rarely catch her to chat with on cam these days.

This week though, she E-Mailed me and told me to hurry up and add her on WhatsApp and included her mobile phone. I was quite surprised! So I had to download WhatsApp install and add her, it has been pretty interesting since. She has sent a few selfie pics over which were quite the eye full, more than I’ve seen of her before. Think panties and shirts. I sent a few back, just normal pictures lol nobody wants to see that.

Today towards the end of my work day and about 2 hours after her shift she sent me a text, telling me she was quite in need of some horny help and asked if I could help. I just replied with, I wish! Just before she said she wants to be over me haha. Not too much more than that, I was pretty surprised and speechless. All just harmless messing around I guess, probably a good thing we aren’t anywhere near each other and I can keep this fantasy going! 🙂


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  1. #1 by simplysurrealblog on February 13, 2015 - 10:47 pm

    Ooh, very hot! 😀

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