From Slightly Depressed To Surprised


Chicken? Bitch, please…

I make Marty McFly look like the ballsiest guy alive lol. So I left the office slightly early at 6.30PM, and whom do I see in the lift on the way down but my most favourite Receptionist. She’s been promoted internally so now has a lot more to do, no more 4:59PM runners 🙂

My heart skipped a beat, as it always does, walking into the lift wanting to say hello, but not doing so. Two other unknowns in the lift so I picked a corner where I couldn’t be further away from her. Smooth. Doors open and I let all the girls out and follow last, I saw which way she was going and it was straight to the same public transport station I use now.

Did I A) say hello walk and talk with her for the 15 min walk? Or B) avoid that opportunity by walking in the opposite direction, around the building and take the long way to the station. If you guessed B you get a gold star. I still can’t figure out why I did it, I’ve clearly got issues of some kind and I’ve been a little upset with myself.

I got a slight reprieve from that, I sent out a hello to my friend the Inger(the Webcam Model) and told her what a pratt I am for being so chicken. I know she gets a kick out of my shy pains so I let her in on it! Then came a surprise, she wants to try and save up and come see me in August… Needless to say I still don’t quite believe it. I mean seriously why would she want to do that lol, unless there might be someone else here she wants to see maybe!

In any case, I may be planning a trip in August with myself going elsewhere. So I said how about instead of you paying the cost, we split it and I send you to New York for a week with me instead? I have yet to hear back, but I suppose I’ll get an answer one way or another soon-ish.

What a weird evening!


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