Wait. What Just Happened?


Someone may have flirted with me…

I say I may have been flirted with because it is hard to believe… But my manager said that it defiantly happened! I was just walking out to go grab a Grapefruit, Carrot, & Apple juice for lunch and was waiting at the lift. There was a girl there holding a bunch of flowers, looking around and back at a piece of paper. Naturally I just asked if I could help find where she was going, and we figured out instead that she was actually on the floor number of the unit number she was actually suppose to be in.

So I hit the down arrow on the lift and resumed reading E-Mail on my phone. There were others around, and I heard her speak up and assumed she had started to someone else, but after nobody answered I looked up briefly to see that she was waiting on a response from me! lol Fail. She had asked how my day was, stupidly I told her how it was. I had been up since 6am driving around in rush hour traffic for about four hours carting broken equipment from place to place in need of urgent repairs and that once fixed I get to do it all again.

I must remember, when people ask me how I am, lie out my teeth lol. What I should have said, if I hadn’t have been a deer in the headlights, was that I’m great; couldn’t be better but I might need a beer this afternoon, how are you! But I didn’t, the lift door opened and I let her out first where she turned and said I hope your day gets better!

She was pretty cute, wasn’t expecting that at all so perhaps all of my weight loss is starting to show a bit. I still just thought it was an overly nice girl, until my manger popped back in later and said who was the girl who was flirting with me… Not who was the girl I was flirting with. Interesting, I really didn’t see it but maybe there was something to it šŸ™‚ Maybe I wont have my head up my ass next time!



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