Just A Note – Hopeless At Times(most of them)!



I walked down stairs today to pick up a package, so I grab for it and sign from the person who has replaced ‘the Receptionist’ as the actual receptionist. People can tell who I am from a mile away, I’m not loud but I do have an accent of sorts, so I like to think that the Receptionist heard me and made a point of saying hello.

She poked her head across her desk with a big smile and waved right at me! I got so caught up in that, I forgot what I was doing for a second and looked pretty silly to the person giving me the package I think haha.

What I should have done:

Wave right back just as eenthusiastically walk over, say hello, ask how her day is going and what she’s up to.

What I actually did:

Waved back half-assed, then picked my jaw up off the floor and finished signing, walked out.

What the frack! I keep saying when it comes to her, I know what I’m not going to do next time and then keep doing it… She has been here far longer than she initially thought, and I now question if the line she gives everyone at work “I’ve got a bf” is accurate or not… One of these days, I am going to have to just grow some balls. Only hope she doesn’t cut them off and feed them to me if I stick them out 🙂





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