Oh Shit – First Contact From Ex Wife


Ok, so I would never actually punch a kitten. Maybe the wall, but the sentiment you can understand. I left my wife over 12 years ago now and I haven’t had a word or text or phone call with her for any reason since the day I left. Yes, the same ex which stabbed me for masturbating in the shower

I’ve got a few Twitter accounts for various things, work, gaming, blogging and so on. She made “contact” by following me on my gaming Twitter account. That was problem one, needless to say I didn’t follow back and blocked her @-handle across all of my counts. Then I decided to see how she located me, when I discovered she had begun to follow my friends, and, people I work with!

So I can assume two things, she found me via my work Twitter account and discovered common friends and re-tweets between people that follow both my accounts. God I hope it is that, I’ve just gone to HR though and asked them to check new staff and people currently under evaluation for her name! Then, I will ask HR if they should get in contact with the people she followed that I work with…

This could get really messy. Depends on her mood I guess, although after 12 years, why the hell bother me now?


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  1. #1 by sugarchai on May 11, 2015 - 11:18 pm

    Oh boy….. Why bother? Because she’s finally mustered enough courage to do something about it… Hopefully not, but you know #bitchesbecrazy lol 🙂

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