I did something this weekend, Friday through to 4am Monday, which I almost never do. Stopped working, didn’t worry about going out, just sat my ass down at home and watched movies. It was the first time in a while I haven’t had a sizable project on at work, and of course I have no personal life and couldn’t bring myself to log into any of the dating sites and fail again lol. So, movies it was!

Here is the list:




Terminator 2 Judgement Day

True Lies

Die Hard

Die Hard 2 Die Harder



Stand By Me


Just me, a nice warm fire, green tea and sweet potato oven fries. Have to admit, it isn’t overly terrible spending time by myself without worrying about the fact that I am, by my self!






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  1. #1 by CaptainLife on July 13, 2015 - 6:55 am

    In Jewish religion it is called Saturday. Not so easy to get used to follow it. Still when 1 day you do really (!) nothing, you feel yourself like you had a wonderful 3-day weekend. Tested 🙂


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