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My New Online Dating Pofile



Tinder has nearly killed Online Dating. For a number of reasons, but the biggest reason being that everyone now uses that pretty much. First and foremost I am an ugly bastard and that being the case I can’t use tinder as such, so I don’t like it and won’t try it. Yet. I also think it can make my issues worse if I don’t start using it at the right time. Some of you know me a bit, self admittedly my confidence is pretty low and I’m made out of glass. I could start chatting to anyone for any number of reasons, just when things are going great bam, never hear from the person again. Without knowing why or understanding, I’m left with one simple choice and that is to blame myself. So in another year or two it might be possible to jump into tinder or the next best thing, but I need to look better and maybe even literally pay someone to be honest with me for a change about a few questions I have about myself.

Anyway, that isn’t going to stop me at having a little fun on behalf of Tinder though.

Here is the next template I’ve created for my Online Dating profiles, you might recognize the theme pretty easily…


Help me Obi-wan XXX, you’re my only hope…

It is a dark time for dating.
Although the MySpace has
been destroyed, Professional
Swipers have driven the
Decent people from their
sites and pursued them across
the Internets.

Evading the dreaded Swiper
Fingerfleet, a group of freedom
fighters led by Date Awesomer
has established a new secret
base on the remote site
of XXX.

The evil lord Lefty Righty,
obsessed with finding young
Awesomer, has dispatched
thousands of fingers to the
far reaches of the Internets…


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SugarLuvin! My 100th Follower!




I was actually just talking to someone yesterday about reaching 100 followers! I thought I already had, turns out I was looking at the wrong thing… But tonight(right now) I just did!

Thanks to SugarLuvin( for being my 100th follow 🙂  It baffles me that I have that many followers and/or readers, so thank you!





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Flowers For A Stranger



I just got out of a local flower shop, where I placed an order for the above arrangement. This is going to a girl I see frequently at a local office supply store, but not from me. Well they are from me, but she won’t know that!

I’ve sent them anonymously with a note, pro bono – that is to say that I’m not pushing my phone number or E-Mail or anything in the note on the card and she most probably will never discover who sent them. Just a random act of kindness. I did keep the flower shop’s business card though, maybe if I ever see her outside her place of work I’ll just hand that over and see what happens… Unlikely!

Here is the note on the card I sent with!

When I see you, I can’t resist the urge to smile! I hope that this small gesture puts a smile on your face as well so that the whole world can be a little brighter for a moment. I regret that I won’t be there to see it personally, but since I am a secret admirer and a customer I thought it best to remain just that and not make you feel any more uncomfortable!

I hope she gets a kick out of it!

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Its Quiet! Happy Easter To Everyone


For a moment and I am not sure why, I forgot it was Easter! Funny, because I just got back from a family gathering. We left the city and had a picnic this time, first time we’ve done that on an Easter so that was interesting. Long day, but at least it was a nice and clear one spending it outside the city of angels.

Its around 8pm now and I’ve logged into SA to check on messages, especially from the Teacher or the PT, but no luck. I was depressed about that for a few mins but then again, realized it was Easter 🙂

I hope come Monday when we’re all back at work I start to hear from some of these great girls! Happy Easter everyone, before it passes out here in the west!

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My New Cologne – Effective %60 of the Time; EVERYTIME

Scary Nurse with Big Needle


Many thanks to IMAGINARY POWERTRIP for giving up another secret, at least to this inexperienced foo, this time to lure in with some effective cologne. I took it out on it’s first test drive, and just for just a second I thought this powerful new weapon had gotten me into a porno scene during a medical scan I had today, of course it didn’t but for a moment a man can dream!

I went for a nuclear medicine MRI today to check out how I am healing, clear bill of health as far as that goes it turns out so that is great I can keep moving forward. I saw the nurse, or technician, on duty from where I was sitting to wait. She was beautiful, my lucky day I thought! They weren’t making me change into one of those ridiculous gowns either so that was great, or was it?

She brings me in, gets me to remove all metal(made sure I wore a non-offensive belt today) and lay down on the scanner’s bed. She has a quick look at my chart and then at me, and then comes over. I am on a slight incline, so my shoulders and head are at the lower slope while my feet are at the other end, maybe two or three feet higher than my head. She says to me; “I’m going to need to get you to remove your pants for this one.”

Well shit, it is worse than the gown I thought to myself. “Not a problem.” of course I replied as I started to undo my belt. The next thing I hear is “No-no, I’ll get that for you.” And the next thing I see is a giant grin on her face, as she is literally taking my belt off and pulling down my pants, haha. She talks again while she is still pulling down my pants mind you, by then I am sure my face is more red than a Qantas tail fin, so close to me I think I could even feel her breath across my skin; “So what is that cologne? I like that a lot.”

I can honestly say I was completely and utterly useless at that point. I actually responded with “I’m not really sure, just kinda grabbed one I liked and I don’t really remember.” Lol, an English friend of mine would probably tell me that was a “complete cock up” I am sure, and I would have to agree!

Sometimes I am even a mystery to myself, but, one thing is always totally predictable; the fumble!



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The Art Of War


All Is Fair!

Well I am going with that, fair or not. At this point in my life, I kind of feel like whatever I need to do to make myself happy is fair. Short of committing a crime that might be featured on Law & Order, CSI or otherwise of course!

Breaking New Ground

So if anyone out there reads this blog, you’ll know that breaking new ground for me is pretty much walking outside and speaking to a cute girl haha. But this is going a bit deeper. The above image not what I am making, rather I am making something that is a symbol of her home(flower) with  a few strips of paper, some Hershey Kisses, and some baking string. I don’t think I’ve made anything out of crafts since I was in High School so this will be interesting. I’m reserved about showing the finished or exact product here, I’d just die if she was a blogger and saw this!

This little project is for The Receptionist who I haven’t seen since I got that case for my musical instrument, I’m going to have to make up a reason to visit her soon! Right after I think up of something to talk to her about in which I’ll forget, tank, and run away from as soon as I see her haha. In any case I hope making something like this and dropping it off at her desk, when she’s not around and there are no witnesses of course, isn’t creepy or stalky.

Please let me know if it is and I’ll not do it!

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