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Results – The South American


Yes. That is a train wreck. 

I apologize for taking so long to write this up, life has been hectic. So last weekend, I had some great things planned out with the South American, we were going to catch an early dinner, walk on a beautiful famous beach, catch a movie, and crash at a very nice place for the night with a harbour view. But, almost none of that happened or happened well!

I let her know a few days prior to going out to go casual, that way we could spend a day out and she wouldn’t end up having to carry her shoes or worry about a loose dress blowing up too much. Well she apparently refused to listen! She looked good of course, despite the fact that she showed up in a skirt so short, she could hardly walk or sit in public… That immediately took walking on the beach, or anywhere, and eating in a public place off the table. Before you jump to conclusions, it was she who took them off the table, not I!

So, we went straight to the movies to watch Annabelle. This helped me out a little, because she could at least pretend to be scared and cuddle up with me. After the movie though, there really wasn’t much we could do! Only 5pm and went straight to the hotel room… Had separate showers, because she didn’t want me to see her breasts… Then, got down to business.

I’m not going to kiss and tell much here, partly because there isn’t much of a story. She kept her shirt and bra on the entire time, but whatever I was getting lucky with a pretty gorgeous girl and everything that needed to be off was off! Though the sex was very average, think starfish, and I really felt weird after it. There was a weird vibe, perhaps we were just not compatible. I need someone a bit more outgoing and adventurous to inject a little bit of wild into my life! I guess I saw it coming.

Last thoughts on this would be that we probably won’t be hooking up again!



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Update: Sexy Time With South America


I know what you are thinking. I cancelled. Not this time, I am going to do it! Pun; intended 🙂

But all the plans I had organized failed because I didn’t get the proper timing, been so busy at work that it took my head out of the game and I messed the plans up. So now, I catch a movie with her and then we go straight back to the hotel… What the hell am I going to do with a girl in a hotel room for 14-16 hours lol. I was trying to get as much together as I could to prevent that situation!

Freaking out right now. Hope I live through it.





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Sexy Time With South America


The Clock Strikes Sexy

I have been busy with work over the past week and a bit, but have made the plunge into making an evening overnight date with the South American. I’ve booked a dinner, a movie, and a harbour view hotel room, so it should be a pretty pleasant evening… Yes, she knows, it isn’t going to be sprung on her at the last min!

I still have mixed feelings about this whole situation, all of my insecurities add up and just level me. Usually I would have created an excuse by now not to go through with something like this. This time though, I’m just going to have to grin and go through with it and hope that on some level it will be enjoyable for the both of us!

The only thing I am %100 sure about now, is that I’m no longer anywhere near a friend zone with her 🙂

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Another “Friend Zone” date with the South American


I can see clearly now.

There is no Friend Zone with the South American, suggesting that we just be friends before we had met for the first time must have just been some sort of insurance policy for her, so that if she didn’t like me she could just relegate me to friend status! We went to the movies to see a new release on Friday, she isn’t such a huge fan of watching scary movies but she picked it out so… As I thought she might, during the movie she inched closer and closer and wanted me to provide comfort. If you don’t know me yet, then I guess I just have to tell you that I didn’t provide it lol, I crossed my arms the entire movie and still kind of wondered. What is O.K. to do in this Friend Zone, do people cuddle up in the movies. Nawww.

Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face.

In any case, between then and now I’ve talked with her a bit and can say without question; she doesn’t want Friend Zone stuff… I guess I should be thrilled, have a very gorgeous very young girl interested in me for some reason. But if I have to ask myself honestly, am I thrilled? I don’t know. I started off with the expectation of just being friends, which despite what you or society thinks about that, I can actually just be friends with a woman and not constantly be thinking of sly ways to get into her legs. So my expectations of what was going to happen, didn’t pan out, so it has thrown me.

Long story short, I think I’m going to end up in bed with her and soon. I’ve got to get over some of my intimacy issues, and she would be a great help 😛

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WTF Week In Review



So Damn Tired

Hey, you want to hear a really interesting story about myself? So would I! haha. I don’t imagine I’ll need to do very many of these run down’s on my weekly activities, unless suddenly I get interesting. But I’m a tired insomniac, and had an out of the ordinary week.

Firstly was the first Friend Zone date with the South American. It was fine, I accepted she was interested in being friends, I walked and talked just like a friend, but then she said something after the date over text which leads me to believe she could be interested in more. What to do about that… I dont know.

Next up, My Queen sent me a twitter direct message this week asking why I’ve gone silent and that I should get back in touch with her. So I was honest, I said I couldn’t bring myself to subject her to a public viewing when I am kind of under the weather, in between clothes where nothing fits right trying to get fit, and just in general I’m a pussy lol. She said she didn’t care, take her to lunch sometime next week. I apologized for making decisions for her. I haven’t responded yet due to what happened thirdly…

Had to visit the emergency room yet again this week. It involved fire, and my face, and as usual a good amount of that bad luck which follows me around. No perm damage, all will heal.

Lastly, I was exiting an elevator at work this week and I came across the Receptionist whom was waiting to get in on the ground floor. She was in conversation with a guy that I also believes works there, and waved to me first on her way into the lift as she passed still talking to the other guy. I waved back. In everything that happened this week, that was my high point. Christ, am I easily impressed by nothing at all, or what?

Anyway, I’m at work in 4 hours. Good night internets.

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First Friend Zone “Date” – The Results



I finally went through with something, surprise surprise! I took the South American out for her birthday to some place she had wanted to go for a long time and hadn’t yet been. She was happy to have the chance to go! It is the first time I have been out one on one with a girl in years.

She was quite interesting, intelligent, beautiful, and much to my surprise very nervous! Possibly even more so than I was which was pretty odd for me to experience. We had dinner, talked about the usual and I think had a great time. I fought the urge to let my eyes wander all over her, it was eye contact only, though I will admit it was pretty hard because I’ve not really had the chance to sit across the table from someone so attractive before!

On the way back to our transport, I handed her the gift I had for her and a birthday card and said it is for only after we part ways. Didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable with the gift card, I got her one of those because she will be taking a trip soon and figured it could be put to good use for just about anything she might need.

She texted me back thanking me for it and the dinner, that she had a lot of fun and was thrilled to finally meet me. After a bit of back and forth she said that I had really nice hands, I had admitted I was too chicken to check her out myself but kind of wished I had if she did me! She replied with the fact that she had tried not to, but if I was any more attractive she might not have been able to maintain her self control…

What? Lol. My brain went straight past flattery, enjoyment, and anything nice straight to; must be a lie. I have so much trouble believing anyone saying something like that around me, let alone someone so attractive. That and I thought for sure this was Friend Zone, so was pretty surprised. I think I would have preferred not to knowing something like that to be honest. So yeah… I’ve got mixed feelings about the whole thing now!

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The South American


Friend Zone. Maybe.

This has been a while in the making. I met the South American some time ago, not on a dating related site at all. Though we did hit it off pretty quickly, exchanged pictures, fantasies, thoughts, and engaged in a fair bit of phone erotica together and that lasted some time.

Just a year ago she disappeared. She re-appeared recently, turns out she had moved to South America and got engaged and then it went bad and she has returned. I’ve been chatting with her on and off for about three months again now but have not returned to our past… Activities 🙂 I haven’t made reference to them or brought it up, nor has she.

Long story short I’ve told her I’ll be taking her out for her birthday which is this week, she mentioned a place a while back where she had always wanted to go but hasn’t yet so that is where I will I’ll be taking her. I don’t yet know what to get her for her Birthday though…

She had been after me for quite some time to meet up, but I wasn’t able to get over my usual self confidence issues, par for course. Since it appears that this is just a case of the Friend Zone this time which I’m fine with, I think I should be able to go through with this without chickening out and running in the other direction lol. Though I am still quite nervous, she is around 15 years younger than I am and of course very gorgeous. Perfect for practice maybe!

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