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Meeting A Cam Girl?


I’ve kept in pretty close contact with my webcam friend over seas, though I haven’t been on more than an hour a week to chat with her in the website she works from. Just very busy! A while back she asked if she could fly over in August to meet me, and I wasn’t sure she was serious, but she was as I found out over the past four months of talking over WhatsApp. I was a bit standoffish about it, and turns out she had some health issues anyway and she has delayed her vacation time which is understandable.

She also had to move, so I sent over some surprise money via Amazon so she could set up her new place and make it as nice as she wanted. I like doing unexpected things for people! Going to send her over a card soon too as it will be a year since I first started speaking with her online. I am guessing as soon as she has more free time she will want to fly over and hang out with me again, a week was the last I knew about how much time she wanted to spend over here…

I would be a lot more excited about it, but I am a terrible host! I would be at a total loss with things to do and afraid I would just bore her to death. I doubt very much she was coming over here to jump on me even though she has said as much, that would change as soon as she saw me in person I am sure. Even best case scenario and it did happen, would be wrong of me just to keep her locked up in the hotel which I am no good at either!

Not sure how this ever came to be, unless incredibly hot cam girls fly over seas to meet guys from their rooms all the time and I am just clueless? I kind of hope she gets sick of me and doesn’t want to come over lol, what is my issue!




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I did something this weekend, Friday through to 4am Monday, which I almost never do. Stopped working, didn’t worry about going out, just sat my ass down at home and watched movies. It was the first time in a while I haven’t had a sizable project on at work, and of course I have no personal life and couldn’t bring myself to log into any of the dating sites and fail again lol. So, movies it was!

Here is the list:




Terminator 2 Judgement Day

True Lies

Die Hard

Die Hard 2 Die Harder



Stand By Me


Just me, a nice warm fire, green tea and sweet potato oven fries. Have to admit, it isn’t overly terrible spending time by myself without worrying about the fact that I am, by my self!





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Brace Yourselves… Crazy Is Coming.


After I wrote my last article, I asked my company because I had a bad feeling if my ex-wife applied for a job here. They said no. Turns out, the HR department was lying to me and my ex-wife has applied for a job at my place of work! I’ve come to the information I need by other means, and we won’t get into that. So I’ve spent all of my time from the last post to this one trying to ensure that she isn’t going to end up working here. So far, so good, they would rather not lose me and I would quit and set-up a legal defence if she tried it again.

She’s also attempting contact through other social media means now in which I have not entertained as of yet but it is looking like I have to in order to put a stop to this. Knowing where I work is bad enough, applying to the same place is bullshit!

Not really anything else happening in my life at the moment, they really need “the most un-interesting man in the world” meme with my face all over it lol.

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Oh Shit – First Contact From Ex Wife


Ok, so I would never actually punch a kitten. Maybe the wall, but the sentiment you can understand. I left my wife over 12 years ago now and I haven’t had a word or text or phone call with her for any reason since the day I left. Yes, the same ex which stabbed me for masturbating in the shower

I’ve got a few Twitter accounts for various things, work, gaming, blogging and so on. She made “contact” by following me on my gaming Twitter account. That was problem one, needless to say I didn’t follow back and blocked her @-handle across all of my counts. Then I decided to see how she located me, when I discovered she had begun to follow my friends, and, people I work with!

So I can assume two things, she found me via my work Twitter account and discovered common friends and re-tweets between people that follow both my accounts. God I hope it is that, I’ve just gone to HR though and asked them to check new staff and people currently under evaluation for her name! Then, I will ask HR if they should get in contact with the people she followed that I work with…

This could get really messy. Depends on her mood I guess, although after 12 years, why the hell bother me now?

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It Puts The Lotion In The Basket

Because I need a good laugh!

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I can’t offer any assistance here, but if you can please help out a fellow blogger!

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Man Flu, Hospitals, and Pain – Oh My


Just when I thought I was out… They pull me back in. I have a little thing at the moment in which baby men call it the “Man Flu” – just your regular flu really, I can handle the flu. Turns out though, what I can’t deal with is whatever my GP gave me for it. I was in emergency all of last night and in acute assessment all of the day. Just getting home now to find myself with even more pain, flu, and fatigue!

Thanks Doc! Going to go to sleep for a week I think. No sexy nurse encounters this time, I forgot my cologne 😛