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Brace Yourselves… Crazy Is Coming.


After I wrote my last article, I asked my company because I had a bad feeling if my ex-wife applied for a job here. They said no. Turns out, the HR department was lying to me and my ex-wife has applied for a job at my place of work! I’ve come to the information I need by other means, and we won’t get into that. So I’ve spent all of my time from the last post to this one trying to ensure that she isn’t going to end up working here. So far, so good, they would rather not lose me and I would quit and set-up a legal defence if she tried it again.

She’s also attempting contact through other social media means now in which I have not entertained as of yet but it is looking like I have to in order to put a stop to this. Knowing where I work is bad enough, applying to the same place is bullshit!

Not really anything else happening in my life at the moment, they really need “the most un-interesting man in the world” meme with my face all over it lol.


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Oh Shit – First Contact From Ex Wife


Ok, so I would never actually punch a kitten. Maybe the wall, but the sentiment you can understand. I left my wife over 12 years ago now and I haven’t had a word or text or phone call with her for any reason since the day I left. Yes, the same ex which stabbed me for masturbating in the shower

I’ve got a few Twitter accounts for various things, work, gaming, blogging and so on. She made “contact” by following me on my gaming Twitter account. That was problem one, needless to say I didn’t follow back and blocked her @-handle across all of my counts. Then I decided to see how she located me, when I discovered she had begun to follow my friends, and, people I work with!

So I can assume two things, she found me via my work Twitter account and discovered common friends and re-tweets between people that follow both my accounts. God I hope it is that, I’ve just gone to HR though and asked them to check new staff and people currently under evaluation for her name! Then, I will ask HR if they should get in contact with the people she followed that I work with…

This could get really messy. Depends on her mood I guess, although after 12 years, why the hell bother me now?

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Another Fashion Strikeout!



Tried out some new clothes at work today. After losing so much weight I can now fit them, in fact my skinny pants that I was waiting to try out are now too big lol. Turns out, that might not be a bad thing… Thought I looked decent in the clothes for a change, but just when I think I’m doing well someone at works walks up and makes a shitty comment about what I’m wearing and being from a farm or something.

Guess it is back to the fat baggy clothes until I can figure out how to dress myself and will just have to write off the $600 I spent on all that. People can be cock suckers sometimes!

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Question; Boxers or Briefs, Ladies?


Which do you prefer on men, and could you explain why? What color is most attractive for them to you? I prefer briefs, I don’t like frank and beans creep and would rather have everything all neat and tidy. From what I hear though, nobody ever finds them attractive so I may have to get use to the boxers sooner rather than later.

Please let me know!

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Why Wont Girls Sit Next To Me On Public Transport?


I’ve only been using public transport for about half of a year now, but only one thing seems to be consistent; Women think I have ebola. Lol, what, you thought I was going to say the trains run on time? Not a chance.

Granted, I am not the most attractive guy on the planet, I’m big and thick but I only take up one seat in the end. I am pretty sure I don’t actually suffer from Resting Bitch Face Syndrome, and I’m %100 sure I don’t actually have ebola, so what gives? I do cross my arms, but that is just how I can sit so that I am comfortable. I don’t dress overly well, or hipster/cool whatever, just a polo and jeans.

Is it:

A: Security. Girls don’t sit next to guys on public transport.

B: Uninterested. I need to do something to attract attention and make them think; oh he is worth sitting next to.

C: Build a Bridge. Get over it, it doesn’t mean anything!

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Men’s Fashion – Clearly A Joke?


Hello Ladies! Fancy Men Dressed Like Grown Toddlers?

So it has been about a week since my last post here. Guess I needed a bit of time off to re-evaluate some of my issues, I think it is just a time thing. I’ve not yet been well enough to really get into a full time fitness routine so I’m still a chubby little bastard, so I’ve still not been able to build any self respect, so I am attaching that to my inability or unwillingness to meet anyone.

To Be, Or Not To Be?

It is reasonable for me to expect that some people out there that may read this, take fashion a bit more seriously than I do. I am the first person to admit that I can’t really dress myself well, and I do want to work on that. That said I’ll apologize first because I’ll offend you with my unfashionable ways and mindset I am sure 🙂

So firstly, I look towards the internet. It is easy, I dont need to pay anyone, and I can do it any time and any place. But the things which come out of the search results scare the fracking crap out of me. I will post in a few pictures, like the one above, from some of the more popular places which tell men how to dress now days. Needless to say, I do not agree, and I don’t know what these people are thinking!

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Don’t Forget The Socks

This has me pretty confused, myself when I walk down the street and see dudes dressed like this I do think to myself that it is a bit, juvenile, I think the best term might be. I wouldn’t even consider myself that old being in my 30s. Maybe I am wrong.

Or maybe this is just the fashionista’s running away with and taking over fashion advice on the internet! I couldn’t dress like this and not look in the mirror and laugh at myself! Not only that, but being a big broad man type body which is admittedly not well looked after at the moment, none of this would look right on me at all to put it mildly.

Would love to know what I’m suppose to be doing and where I’m suppose to be shopping once I lose a bit of weight. Feeling good and thinking I look good would go a long ways to curbing some of my issues and get me out to meet new people! But do I really have to dress like that!

Why not like this guy here!:


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Meeting My Queen


Into The Fire…

A couple of months ago, I wrote a song for My Queen. I had never spoken to  her before that, I just wrote the song and tweeted it out to her. She thanked me and let me know I could get in touch. So I did.

She is a Domme. A very gorgeous one at that so I thought it would be nice to try and flatter her and get to know her. After a few exchanges she dropped a link to something she desired and I will admit for a first exchange with someone I didn’t know personally I may have thought it was a bit on the expensive side 🙂 Well I didn’t let that get in the way, what is a few hundred dollars in the name of exploration! I’ve certainly spent more on less.

Excuses Excuses

It didn’t go so well in the end though, the place over seas shipped to the wrong address and it was lost so it took me around 7 weeks to sort that out and it was a pain. Either way, she still stuck with me and didn’t cut me loose or anything. In fact she asked to meet before she even got it…

But I am such a chicken shit, and I’ve made excuses. Some of them weren’t, I just got over a big health issue, but most of them were. I’m positive she knows and wasn’t born yesterday.

Time Is Up

Something is coming up in her life next week though and she asked me again, this time I couldn’t say no. Not because of what she has in mind, but because if I had said no again I think I would have lost all my chances and missed yet again something I don’t want to. Time to get over it I guess. I thanked her and accepted, we are to go shopping together and I will assist her in picking out some very nice panties.

To be honest I’m scared shitless lol. Not only have I not set foot in a lingerie boutique or ordered any for anyone at any point in my past, this woman is incredibly gorgeous and intimidating. She knows what I look like, she requested pictures and I complied so she totally knows I don’t hold a candle to her… I’ll be so out of place and everyone will know it. I’ll just have to get over it somehow!

If anyone has tips on buying panties, I’m all ears!

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