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This One Time At Bandcamp…



I’ve been away for a while, working on an interesting contract in which I really can’t talk about lol. It’s been… Interesting. In any case, I’ve pretty much returned to my usual activities, which leads me to a terrible interaction with

If you aren’t sure what Bandcamp is, check out the wiki here. A while back now I went there and found The Corrs new album; White Light. I like to support artists on Bandcamp as they get more from the purchase than many other places like Apple and so forth. Or so I thought.

In this case The Corrs profile on turned out to be a totally false entry! I only found this out as when I went back to revisit the page on Bandcamp, –  It was missing. I sent through a help request to understand why this was, as you wouldn’t expect an Artist’s page to suddenly disappear without some element of malice. What I learned next was very poor.

It was a fake profile, scam, and they had removed it. Then, upon me checking they took the liberty to credit me back the amount of money that I payed for White Light. How many wrongs here? They let someone scam them by posing as The Corrs, they only contacted me when I contacted them post the action they took to resolve the issue, and since these are digital downloads I ended up with White Light for free basically.

Not cool Bandcamp, not cool. Well, I will go and buy White Light again soon though because I love The Corrs and they deserve the support! I may have to pay the devil(itunes store)in the meantime though, but I’ll look up their official store too.

Here is the google cache for the removed site!






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