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Fourty eight long months



So it came, unlike me, it has been now two years since the last time I’ve been lucky enough to have sex. Can’t really think about much more to say about that, just thought it was a milestone for better or worse so I’ve recorded it…


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Online Dating Still Hates Me


So I tried online dating again last week, and I’ve immediately remembered why I gave up on it in a fit of shame. Literally the only women I can get to talk to me, are fake! Everyone else clicks the generic “Not interested” button as soon as they get a look at my pictures, which is again kind of depressing. Then every now and then someone will talk to me, but they are obviously fake.

I understand that most women are totally spammed by men, for better or worse, but at least you have a choice! Just isn’t working for the non-attractive male so well haha, but at least I can have a little fun with it:

ftc-fake fcc-fake


Haha yes, that is me, telling fake profiles I’m investigating them. They block ya pretty quick!

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Three Dates – No Dates!


My possible three date week turned into a zero date week in the end! Allow me to explain.

My first date was Wednesday, but really turned out not to be a date. Her body language wasn’t right, said a few odd things and at least one insulting thing to me, and flat out refused to let me pay more than half of the food we ate. I thought she was a nice and interesting enough person, but certainly no sparks on her side of things so I didn’t get too interested.

So right after that I jumped on public transport back to the office and remembered that one of the three girls had asked me to drinks the week before, so feeling crap I sent her a message and asked her to drinks! Normally I’d never try anything this brave, meeting two women I’d not met before in one day is about all the stress this poor fool can take.

Get this, she was literally eating at the place I had just left with the other girl when I sent her the message! Small world. She was still eating and would be an hour at least, but she agreed, and we met up at a tavern at 10:45pm. We had a few drinks and chatted for about an hour, she had a bad cough though and I didn’t want to make her stay too long so I packed up and we went our seperate ways. She is Taiwanese and the language barrier, here for only 6 months, was interesting. There was a lot of nodding and smiling along from both of us haha, that will take some getting use to. At least she is still keen on meting again, so I am sure we will soon… For a real date.

The third date delayed due to flu, it is going around, so I was off the hook there.

It is also worth to note, that I have not met anyone for the first time before where I just go and grab a few drinks with them. Much more relaxing than meeting and going to a full out dinner together. I’m not cheap, just awkward!



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Next Week – Three First Dates?


I’m not exactly sure how this happened. Next week I will have three first dates, if I want them, and seemingly by dumb luck? Well, I just checked my online dating profiles and of course as usual, not a thing. It has been even more depressing there than usual of late, I haven’t been able to get anyone to chat with me in over a month. Every day, nothing but not interested.

So how did I get three dates? I grabbed this cheap dodgy looking chat application, it does a geo search and pulls back people close to your physical location to chat to. There are people from all walks of life and I’ve done some really good chats. So much so that after one week of chatting people, next week I have three women who would love to go out with me. One has already asked me out for drinks first!

They all have my picture, and are pretty girls, so it makes me ask the question what is wrong with dating sites! Mine does not, but do others have a mentality shift when the log into dating sites? Do they switch to an extreme, must be this for that because I’m getting what I want or something? These three girls in a lot of cases are a lot more attractive than girls I’ve tried to contact on dating sites too. It just seems that I win people over if I am able to talk to them which I am not able to do on dating sites, don’t think they can get pat my ugly mug or something!

Well I can’t think too much about it, I’ll just get more confused in my poor little male brain 🙂 I should count my luck now that after 9/10 months of not a single drink or date with anyone I’ve got suddenly three I need to somehow organize. Totally unexpected!

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Dry Spell – 6 Months & Counting



Yup, a few weeks past 6 months has now gone by for me without any sex. My last bedtime fun was with the South American, only it didn’t turn out really to be any fun at all. Before that, it was over two years. That makes a total of sex, once, in the past three years. Awesome.

I am not involved in any adult dating sites, Tinder included. SeekingArrangement really allowed me to talk to and have a few initial dates with women very easily, but what came next didn’t come so easily or naturally and I wasn’t enjoying guessing at Arrangements so I’m now off SA until further notice. With standard dating sites, 9 out of every 10 attempts at contacting result in an immediate not interested half of which are blocks. The other 1 out of 10 person who accepts seems only interested in chatting never meeting.

Dating without online assistance isn’t an option. I work too much, don’t go out enough on my own or at all with friends. You might think I am the most uninteresting and unattractive person in the world to have this kind of a problem.

And I would probably agree with you at this point, because I’m not quite sure what I’m doing so wrong! Oh well. Keep trying to self improve and don’t give up is all I can do despite feeling like I’m %100 unwanted.


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The Universe Is Infinite – But This World Is Small



The world feels small tonight. For the past four or five days I’ve been speaking with someone on SA, as soon as I saw her picture I felt something. I didn’t have any idea what it was really but it felt like I was already connected to her in some way. So I continued to chat with her. She is a very nice young girl, or at least her profile indicates…

Yesterday she asked for personal contact details and stated a desire to meet outside of the confines and arrangements of SA itself. I’m not quite sure if that was a test or not, in any case we exchanged E-Mails today and it still leaves me with a very interesting feeling of having a connection to her. There is someone from my past which she does remind me of, but it can’t be her. Not with the age she has listed on SA in any case..

I’m getting all sorts of weird vibes from her. Even though I may not continue with SA, the desire to speak with my mystery woman continues to grow… I want to see how this turns out, I’m going to have to meet this one and figure it out!

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Second Sugar Date – Strike Two


Sugar Date #2

Well I think you can tell where I am going with this already! I’ve just returned from my second sugar date, and it didn’t go that well at all. So far, the only common denominator is myself, so I’m going to need to figure out what I’m doing wrong and put an end to that!

We caught up together at a place we both knew how to get to, and then walked by foot up to the place for lunch. I’m glad I picked it, it was one of the most impressive places I’ve ever eaten at! As impressive was everything else, view, menu, $$ lol, service, and company.

I got the distinct feeling on the date that she wasn’t really interested, this could be for any number of reasons, and plenty of body language to support my claim. I didn’t give up though, I tried my best to make small talk and be interesting and all but was still sure she was happy with the place and the food at least.

I may just be terribly boring really! One of the areas where I’m not like most men, I’m not completely full of shit and I don’t embellish everything I’ve ever done. I’ve done quite a bit personally actually, but I have a hard time telling the “story” and making it sound interesting. I’m just not a great salesman 🙂 In any case, I think I know how this is going to go, I don’t think I will continue my journey as a SD just now. I think I have quite a bit more work to do on myself first, I’m not happy enough with me. I may return to SA as a SD later after that if I can accomplish it. I’ve priced up my home gym, and that will run me about 12k so I think that is where I’ll be spending my time and money for a while!

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