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SeekingArrangement 72hr Debrief

A steep learning curve drawn on a blackboard.


In one word; overwhelmed. I’m just an average, at best, looking guy with a moderate amount of money and I’m speaking with so many people it is getting overwhelming. I could only imagine what women on that site have to go through, it must take friggin ages!

Some things I have learned:

1. Learning Curve & Closing the Deal

I’ve not had a lot of interaction with women period, let alone any talking with them so candidly and upfront about Arrangements. It does feel strange! I need to learn how to say what and when, though I think I’m catching on O.K. I am still having issues closing the deal though, I’m just so unsure of everything haha.


2. Small Fish

It is clearly a big ocean out there, and there is always a better offer than what I can give. Though the girls there still seem to be willing to chat with me regardless about things which is cool. Some of the things they get offered are amazing, and I can’t compete! I will just have to find a way to accept that and try to find a good match.


3. Pic Block

So now that I have been on a bit longer, it is pretty clear that the ignores can still come after sending your pictures. Though the rate that people block and ignore me after pictures on other sites is about 75%, over on SA it is probably only around 10% which is a significant difference.


4. Non-sexual Arrangements

Some girls ask straight out if sex is going to be involved, some hint at it. I’d really like to meet someone to even see if there is a connection, I realize this isn’t a dating service and I’m still going to sugar the hell out of them, but I can’t jump straight into sex. It is something I need to work up to. Most girls get kind of excited I think when I say it is non-sexual or at least it is non-sexual until and if they wanted to move that part of it forward, but I have come across a few who frown upon it because they think it wouldn’t be worth their while otherwise. They are the minority though.


5. Awesome People

There are a lot of awesome girls out there, I am quite impressed with some of them, their attitudes towards life, health, and the fact that they can run circles around me on SA is pretty funny since I still am learning lol.


6. Mentor

Lots of, probably over half, state and are actually looking for someone to mentor them with work and life and what not. I’m still kind of young-ish and I’m far far less experienced with dating and the bedroom than any of these people are out there. Not only that but my profession is rather specific and very specialized. I don’t think I’m ever going to meet anyone on SA I could coach or put in contact with the networking. This it seems is where I will fall short most of the time, if not on the scale of attraction first.


Well that is it for now, just thought I would summarize those things which are probably pretty obvious to most 🙂




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My New Cologne – Effective %60 of the Time; EVERYTIME

Scary Nurse with Big Needle


Many thanks to IMAGINARY POWERTRIP for giving up another secret, at least to this inexperienced foo, this time to lure in with some effective cologne. I took it out on it’s first test drive, and just for just a second I thought this powerful new weapon had gotten me into a porno scene during a medical scan I had today, of course it didn’t but for a moment a man can dream!

I went for a nuclear medicine MRI today to check out how I am healing, clear bill of health as far as that goes it turns out so that is great I can keep moving forward. I saw the nurse, or technician, on duty from where I was sitting to wait. She was beautiful, my lucky day I thought! They weren’t making me change into one of those ridiculous gowns either so that was great, or was it?

She brings me in, gets me to remove all metal(made sure I wore a non-offensive belt today) and lay down on the scanner’s bed. She has a quick look at my chart and then at me, and then comes over. I am on a slight incline, so my shoulders and head are at the lower slope while my feet are at the other end, maybe two or three feet higher than my head. She says to me; “I’m going to need to get you to remove your pants for this one.”

Well shit, it is worse than the gown I thought to myself. “Not a problem.” of course I replied as I started to undo my belt. The next thing I hear is “No-no, I’ll get that for you.” And the next thing I see is a giant grin on her face, as she is literally taking my belt off and pulling down my pants, haha. She talks again while she is still pulling down my pants mind you, by then I am sure my face is more red than a Qantas tail fin, so close to me I think I could even feel her breath across my skin; “So what is that cologne? I like that a lot.”

I can honestly say I was completely and utterly useless at that point. I actually responded with “I’m not really sure, just kinda grabbed one I liked and I don’t really remember.” Lol, an English friend of mine would probably tell me that was a “complete cock up” I am sure, and I would have to agree!

Sometimes I am even a mystery to myself, but, one thing is always totally predictable; the fumble!



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Daily Post – Places: The Beach!


 Well, it is just after midnight and I can’t be bothered to try and sleep when I know I can’t.  I have been, and always shall be, a… Night Owl.

I’ll keep this one short an simple again, the choice was between your typical archtypes, which would I choose: Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

I’ll go with the beach! Why? Because I hate it! Crazy? YES. 🙂 So the reason would be, I hate all the beautiful people at the beach, I’m insecure and I want to be one of them. Well, with any luck in the next 6-12 months I will have the confidence and maybe half the looks they do and I will one day brave the beach and that is why I choose the beach!


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Getting To Know The Webcam Model – Not On The Webcam


I have been talking with my over-seas Webcam Model friend now for quite some time. Until about Christmas it had been only on her channel, in which only chat happens and no funny business. I am not exactly sure of the system in place where she works, I don’t ask as it isn’t really my place.

I sent her “mail” on the site just before Christmas wishing her a good one and great New Year and I said I wished I could have sent you a card instead of a mail! Well unexpectedly she replied with her E-Mail address and we had been E-Mailing back and forth since. Just typical chatter, keeping up, the place she works for has moved her shift to my day time so I very rarely catch her to chat with on cam these days.

This week though, she E-Mailed me and told me to hurry up and add her on WhatsApp and included her mobile phone. I was quite surprised! So I had to download WhatsApp install and add her, it has been pretty interesting since. She has sent a few selfie pics over which were quite the eye full, more than I’ve seen of her before. Think panties and shirts. I sent a few back, just normal pictures lol nobody wants to see that.

Today towards the end of my work day and about 2 hours after her shift she sent me a text, telling me she was quite in need of some horny help and asked if I could help. I just replied with, I wish! Just before she said she wants to be over me haha. Not too much more than that, I was pretty surprised and speechless. All just harmless messing around I guess, probably a good thing we aren’t anywhere near each other and I can keep this fantasy going! 🙂

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Results – The South American


Yes. That is a train wreck. 

I apologize for taking so long to write this up, life has been hectic. So last weekend, I had some great things planned out with the South American, we were going to catch an early dinner, walk on a beautiful famous beach, catch a movie, and crash at a very nice place for the night with a harbour view. But, almost none of that happened or happened well!

I let her know a few days prior to going out to go casual, that way we could spend a day out and she wouldn’t end up having to carry her shoes or worry about a loose dress blowing up too much. Well she apparently refused to listen! She looked good of course, despite the fact that she showed up in a skirt so short, she could hardly walk or sit in public… That immediately took walking on the beach, or anywhere, and eating in a public place off the table. Before you jump to conclusions, it was she who took them off the table, not I!

So, we went straight to the movies to watch Annabelle. This helped me out a little, because she could at least pretend to be scared and cuddle up with me. After the movie though, there really wasn’t much we could do! Only 5pm and went straight to the hotel room… Had separate showers, because she didn’t want me to see her breasts… Then, got down to business.

I’m not going to kiss and tell much here, partly because there isn’t much of a story. She kept her shirt and bra on the entire time, but whatever I was getting lucky with a pretty gorgeous girl and everything that needed to be off was off! Though the sex was very average, think starfish, and I really felt weird after it. There was a weird vibe, perhaps we were just not compatible. I need someone a bit more outgoing and adventurous to inject a little bit of wild into my life! I guess I saw it coming.

Last thoughts on this would be that we probably won’t be hooking up again!


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Another “Friend Zone” date with the South American


I can see clearly now.

There is no Friend Zone with the South American, suggesting that we just be friends before we had met for the first time must have just been some sort of insurance policy for her, so that if she didn’t like me she could just relegate me to friend status! We went to the movies to see a new release on Friday, she isn’t such a huge fan of watching scary movies but she picked it out so… As I thought she might, during the movie she inched closer and closer and wanted me to provide comfort. If you don’t know me yet, then I guess I just have to tell you that I didn’t provide it lol, I crossed my arms the entire movie and still kind of wondered. What is O.K. to do in this Friend Zone, do people cuddle up in the movies. Nawww.

Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the face.

In any case, between then and now I’ve talked with her a bit and can say without question; she doesn’t want Friend Zone stuff… I guess I should be thrilled, have a very gorgeous very young girl interested in me for some reason. But if I have to ask myself honestly, am I thrilled? I don’t know. I started off with the expectation of just being friends, which despite what you or society thinks about that, I can actually just be friends with a woman and not constantly be thinking of sly ways to get into her legs. So my expectations of what was going to happen, didn’t pan out, so it has thrown me.

Long story short, I think I’m going to end up in bed with her and soon. I’ve got to get over some of my intimacy issues, and she would be a great help 😛

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The South American


Friend Zone. Maybe.

This has been a while in the making. I met the South American some time ago, not on a dating related site at all. Though we did hit it off pretty quickly, exchanged pictures, fantasies, thoughts, and engaged in a fair bit of phone erotica together and that lasted some time.

Just a year ago she disappeared. She re-appeared recently, turns out she had moved to South America and got engaged and then it went bad and she has returned. I’ve been chatting with her on and off for about three months again now but have not returned to our past… Activities 🙂 I haven’t made reference to them or brought it up, nor has she.

Long story short I’ve told her I’ll be taking her out for her birthday which is this week, she mentioned a place a while back where she had always wanted to go but hasn’t yet so that is where I will I’ll be taking her. I don’t yet know what to get her for her Birthday though…

She had been after me for quite some time to meet up, but I wasn’t able to get over my usual self confidence issues, par for course. Since it appears that this is just a case of the Friend Zone this time which I’m fine with, I think I should be able to go through with this without chickening out and running in the other direction lol. Though I am still quite nervous, she is around 15 years younger than I am and of course very gorgeous. Perfect for practice maybe!

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