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The Receptionist – Au Revoir



Well the end of the road has finally come for my frequently looked forward to future interactions with the Receptionist. She flew home last week under some personal circumstances as I understand, the company didn’t even send out an udate until it was too late. It will feel a bit odd for a while, I usually come into the office and hope for little run-ins with her where I get a chance to fail at basic human interaction with a female 🙂

In a company update a few days after she left, they actually passed out her personal e-mail address which she authorized to give so I have written the following to her:

The Receptionist,

Traditional greeting here! I was saddened to hear that you were leaving Country and thus also Company. I hope that the coloquial term welcomes you with open arms, may it light up your face with gladness and hide every trace of sadness. If you have a need for someone out here to give you a hand with any loose ends of any kind, please don’t be afraid to ask me at all as I would really be happy to help you out!

Best wishes and of course traditional wishing of luck here!



That is all that I could come up with without sounding too much like a sob. I take solace in the fact that in a parallel universe, I ended up with her 🙂


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The Receptionist <3


Deer In The Headlights

That might as well be me in that picture today, except I’m not lucky enough to have the car hit me to put me out of my misery! No, I get to walk away and think about it all.

The Receptionist

It probably isn’t politically correct to call someone a receptionist any longer especially since the person I’m speaking of does a lot more than just that, but for privacy reasons(hers & mine) I’m just going with that description. Basically I am well infatuated with The Receptionist. She is only here for a year before she returns home, six months of which have already passed. She is smart, she is funny, she is stunningly beautiful, her accent is divine, and she has a boyfriend. So I don’t really know why I allow myself to entertain any hope of any sort that something could possibly ever happen!

I saw her again today, I don’t always as she works on a different floor, when a case for the musical instrument I’m learning to play showed up. I happily went up full of things to say and to talk to her about if she cared to inquire. As soon as I walked in, I was but a deer in the headlights! Went blank. It is a real shame too, because she got up and seemed really interested, asked what it was and loved that I played music(didn’t really tell her I can’t haha), and I’m pretty sure was waiting for me to engage her in conversation. Instead, I just said “great, ok thank you!” and I ran away again.

Retrospection really is a bitch isn’t it! Did she ever look nice today too, totally taken by her. I managed to catch her attention at a work event a few weeks ago, her accent is obvious and I looked up some phrases in her native language so when I came across her I said hello, how are you to her in her language. The first song I am learning to play is also an old folk love song from her home and her name fits perfectly into it 😛

Now… After I learn how to play that song for her, how do I get myself into a situation where she might ask me to play something? I can’t really just walk around with musical instruments all the time hoping I’ll run into her then break into song all about her… Come on internets, give me the answer!

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Sing Me To Sleep

Andrea Corr 1-f

Good Night Internets

I have a lot of trouble sleeping, can’t shut the brain down. Three years ago jet lagged visiting home, I discovered by accident that the very beautiful and talented Andrea Corr could sing me to sleep quite well. Since then nine out of ten nights I’ll pop in the headphones and dream of her singing me to sleep with an infatuation I’ve probably not felt since high school. I wonder if that connection could be established with someone in real life? Anyone out there have their partner sing to them for sleep?

Speaking of which, it is time for my nightly date with the Irish love of my life. Good night!

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What Is Love



Hello. This is my first post here, and to be honest I don’t know what to expect. The internet offers a wide range of experiences and feedback, so if anyone reads this at all I suppose it could range from trolling to people trying to save my soul. Lets find out.

Love. WTF?

There is a brief definition of love in the image above at its core meaning, and I think that defining love is a goal post which has changed ever since humankind has discovered a language to communicate feelings. Right away you realise that love is not a static definition since its definition has changed over time. It isn’t the same black and white as life or death is. Just look around you and if you aren’t living in a cave somewhere then more than likely you’ll have a few neighbors that define love differently than you, and the further away from your home you get as you travel to different parts of the world with different people and values that difference grows.

So then I think it is fair to say that the definition of love is personal, it is something you have to discover and define for yourself. My personal view on the word love is that today, it is defined by capitalism. Ask a friend, what is the first thing that pops into your head when you say the word Love, you’ll get something back in terms of a standard heterosexual relationship between a man and a woman. I did this today with three friends, two men and a woman, and their reply was as expected; love for your partner.

That isn’t the only kind of love there is though is there. What about love of your own mother and father? For a pet? Nature? Chocolate? Brains are nice orderly things, and people love and seek order in their outward application based on their own belief system. It is easy to take the standard definition of love and repeat it, store it away, and attach things to that definition at the same time fighting everything else that doesn’t fit in with that.

I am now starting to fight back against my own cognitive dissonance because love as I experience it currently may feel nice at times, but it sure as hell isn’t making me happy.


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